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European Lecture Series 2020-21





Meeting room open - 19.45 CET

Lecture - 20.00 CET


Surgical strategies for implants in atrophic jaws

2 CME points recognised (Akademie der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Mund-,

Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie)

The European Association for Cranio Maxillo-Facial Surgery is delighted to offer the next set of web-lectures in the European Lecture Series. All you need is the internet. These are live lectures lasting 45 minutes and you will have the opportunity to interact with the speakers for 15 mins via live messaging portal immediately after the lecture.

Please register your place by using the links below.  

17th Sept 2020
Resectability in Head & Neck Cancer: What are the Surgical boundaries?

Prof J. Acero, Spain

1st October  2020
Contemporary Management of Oral Cancer

Prof C Perisanidis

15th October 2020
Virtual planning and patient specific implants in orthognathic surgery

Prof E. Nkenke, Austria

5th November 2020
Surgical Management of H&N cancer patients during the COVID-19 crisis. Experience from a cold site

Mr A. Gulati, UK

19th November 2020
Rhinoplasty and orthognathic surgery: when and how

Dr J. Gonzalez Lagunas, Spain

3rd December 2020
Management of N0 Neck

Mr L. Vassiliou, UK

14th January 2021
Facial cosmetic surgery: what's new?

Prof J-P Meningaud, France

4th February 2021
Principles of surgical management of facial arteriovenous malformations

Prof S. Testelin, France

18th February 2021
Surgical strategies for implants in atrophic jaws

Prof M. Sancar Atac, Turkey

4th March 2021
Management of sarcomas

Mr N Kalavrezos, UK

18th March 2021
Arthrocentesis and infiltration of substances for TMJ diseases

Dr R. Martin-Granizo, Spain

1st April 2021
Surgical strategies for head & neck radio necrosis treatment

Prof S. Testelin, France

15th April 2021
Short dental implants - An alternative to bone graft

Dr J. González Lagunas. Spain

6th May 2021
Versatility of scapular flap in head & neck reconstruction

Mr S. Prabhu, UK

20th May 2021
Maxillo-mandiular advancement in OSAS : updates and long term results

Prof A. B.  Giannì, Italy


3rd June 2021
Orthognathic surgery in systemic disease

Prof C. Politis

17th June 2021

New developments in TMJ replacements

Prof M Mommaerts, Belgium

1st July 2021
Complications in cranio-maxillofacial reconstructive Surgery

Prof J. Acero, Spain

5th August 2021

New Paradigms or Old Principles: Current Concepts in Orthognathic Surgery


Prof M. Galiè, Italy

2nd September 2021
Craniofacial Bone Reconstruction

Prof F. Hölzle, Germany

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