25th EACMFS Congress

Hugo Obwegeser Travel Scholarships
EACMFS is keen to receive applications from Junior Trainee Undergraduate Students – JTUS (excluding Non-European JTUS) and Specialist Trainee Members of EACMFS (plus those who have successfully completed training as specialists within three years of the date of application). These scholarships (up to a maximum of 2000 euros) made on the recommendation of the Endowment Committee are designed to encourage travel to other countries to enhance education and training.

The Blue Book (Teaching Centres List) which is available on the website (www.eacmfs.org) provides details of training centres across Europe.

Congress Scholarships
These scholarships offer significant support for trainee members to participate in our Biennial Congresses

Educational Grants:
A grant of € 300 per year is available to each Junior Trainee Undergraduate Student – JTUS (excluding Non-European JTUS) and Specialist Trainee Member to support attendance at the Rolling Programme of Education.

Rolling Programme

Courses are linked to the EBOMFS examination curriculum covering all aspects related to the specialty. Trainees are especially invited to attend these courses.

The Endowment Committee of the Association oversees all applications in order to ensure fair distribution of scholarships and the presentation of speedy recommendations to the Executive Committee

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